Panther Language

Getting Started

Panther Language is the script based programming language that facilitates the programming of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. We created the Panther Language with the intention of streamlining the sensor application development platform to all users. With the help of Proviz, users can now create various sensor based IoT applications without having any hardware or software programming background.

In the past, sensor application development on IoT boards required a deep understanding of the board’s hardware and software, especially if he or she wished to implement an over-the-air programming feature or cross-platform support over various IoT boards. The every-day user was unable to create more intricate projects unless he or she first learned an extensive amount of background. The future has committed itself to pushing its generation of young minds to create, contribute, and flourish. Proviz has hopped onboard to help every young mind work for the future while providing an easy-to-learn, easy-to-program software.

The Panther Language sets itself apart from other languages in that it requires much less syntax and simplified logic to write IoT applications.

Furthermore, our programming language can rule over three distinct IoT devices, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone. These can be programmed with a serial cable or our over-the-air programming feature. Proviz software supports Bluetooth, WiFi, and serial port data transmission which can be easily selected on the board configuration panel.

To give you a visual, here is one implementation of the Panther Language.

Figure 1

Figure 1 shows an EzSonar distance application written in the Panther Language. The code snippet shows three major components: pin initialization, pin configuration, and sensor configuration. These three components are the only ones you will need to interact with. This example programs an IoT application that measures distance using sonar sound waves. Data is transferred with our over-the-air programming feature.

As we have previously mentioned, you can create many different applications with Panther Language and the Proviz software. These applications can range from basic measurement programs to complex industrial sensor based applications.

You can begin to learn the Panther Language by selecting posts from the menu on the right or you can join our Panther language slack community to ask us any questions.