About Proviz

What is the Proviz vision?


Proviz is an Internet-0f-Things (IoT) sensor application software that invites all people to join the global movement towards programming.

Proviz has centralized the IoT application process. Proviz allows users to easily program multiple IoT boards across several platforms without needing extensive programming background and to do so in just one language, Panther Language. The Panther Language was developed by the Proviz team to consolidate all IoT board programming into a single, easy-to-use language.

Proviz is the only developer tool that walks its users through the programming of their applications. Our goal is to enable even the most novice of programmers to develop their own sensor applications. Proviz also allows its users to program multiple boards at the same time with our over-the-air programming features that support Bluetooth and Wifi connection as well as the traditional USB connection.



How does it work?


Proviz has an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface GUI that allows a user to drag and drop the IoT board of their choosing on to a canvas. After dragging your board, you can easily configure and program your board.

When configuring your board, you tell Proviz the type of connection you are attempting to establish. Once you have configured your board, you can easily program it with our “Add Sensors” feature. Our application lets the user add sensors to the board by displaying a list of all possible sensors and allowing him or her to simply click the ones he or she desires. All the user needs to do is to establish certain boundaries using the Panther Language.

For more extensive tutorials on how to configure and program you board, please explore our “Tutorials” tab. For more information on the Panther Language, please visit the “Panther Language” tab.